Compare Dutch Liability Insurance

Find out how we compare liability insurances

Through our website, people can easily compare Dutch liability insurance (aanpsrakelijkheidsverzekeringen). Our tool is suitable for everyone who resides or works in the Netherlands, including expats.

In order to generate the best possibilities for every single individual, filters are added to our tool to personalize a search. By using these filters, users can easily select their family composition, day of birth, desired insured amount and excess. Our tool will thereafter produce a listing of the matches which can be sorted on price, excess, insured amount and/or initial price.

When comparing different insurance companies and liability insurances, you will notice that (despite the differences) there are a lot of similarities between insurers and insurances.

Our tool shows the costs, coverage and excess of the insurance policy. The costs of taking out the policy will also be shown.

Insurance policies can be selected (with the check boxes on the left side of the insurances) and compared with one another. User can take out an insurance through the website of the insurance company after they have selected an insurance through our tool.

Because of the fact that there are a lot of insurance companies that all have different terms and conditions, it is recommendable to thoroughly read these terms and conditions before taking out an insurance.