How do we compare liability insurances? is a website that was originality developed to inform people about liability and the liability insurances in the Netherlands. Visitors of our website frequently asked us for tools to compare liability insurances. In response to this demand, we have integrated a tool to compare insurances as objectively as possible. Every month, thousands of insurances are being compared with our comparator.

With our comparator, we strive to offer our information as clear and easy as possible. As a part of our aims, we would like to be transparent and (therefore) outline some aspects regarding our business model.

What  we do for you gives users the possibilty to compare different liability insurances (from various insurance companies). By using our comparator, insurances can be compared quickly and easily. In order to give users overviews of insurances that meet their preferences, we have added certain ‘variables’ (that can be set) such as personal information and filters.

Liability insurances can be taken out directly. This is always being processed through the websites of insurances companies. By clicking ‘Apply for now’ in the section of the insurance company, users will be redirected to the website of the insurance company. During the time that an insurance is active, the insurance company is responsible for contact (e.g. about damages, claims and possible changes in the insurance policy).

We conduct an ‘Execution Only’ policy, which means that does not give personal advice. We provide users with relevant, current and practical information. Users can use this information to take out the most suitable liability insurance that is modified to their needs, wishes and demands. Users are always responsible for their own actions; especially when they decide to take out an insurance policy.

How complete is our comparison tool?

To ensure that we offer the best results, it is important to show users the most complete overview of insurances. We strive to implement all insurance companies in our tool but in case we are missing one (or more) insurance companies, please let us know.

Basically, we compare all big insurance companies, such as FBTO en Unive. We are well-informed about the most recent terms, conditions and policy premiums of these insurances companies. Our comparer currently contains the following insurance companies:

  • Centraal Beheer
  • FBTO
  • HEMA
  • OHRA
  • Reaal
  • Zelf wants to offer all information as complete as possible. To this end we also provide information about insurances of companies with which we do not collaborate.

Insurance companies that are not implemented in our tool have not provided their policy premiums. There are also insurance companies that have limitations in their terms and/or conditions that are not in line with the aims of These insurance companies are also excluded from integration in the liability insurance comparator.

How do we compare liability insurances?

Users will be given an overview of different insurance companies and their premiums. This overview can be personalized by using the filters (in the section on the left side of the page). This will force the comparator to present a custom overview, adjusted to the user’s personal situation.

In order to calculate the exact premium for a liability insurance, we always ask the user to point out which packages (and additional options) they want to insure. This information will not be saved and/or used for other purposes. In this regard, the following variables are available for personification:

  • The number of people that need insurance (‘myself’, ‘myself and another person’ and ‘the whole family’)
  • The sum insured in euro (up to 1 milion, up to 1.25 million or up to 2.5 million)

Insurance companies that fit the demands of the user are automatically sorted out in the overview. When there is a preference for an insurance company, users can easily click ‘Proceed’. They will then be redirected to the website of the insurance company, where they can take out the liability insurance directly. Through this execution, users are not required to have contact with us. This policy is also known as ‘Execution Only’ (as stated before).

How is our Top 5 sorted?

In our Top 5 section, we outline the premiums of the five least expensive insurance companies that offer liability insurances. It is important to note that these five insurance companies offer a liability insurance with an excess of €0,- . These liability insurances are only suitable for consumers (private insurances) so that liability insurances for businesses are excluded.

About our business model gives users the opportunity to compare liability insurances. The comparator can be used without any costs, so our service is completely free. When users decide to take out an insurance, they will be redirected to the website of the insurance company, where they can take out the insurance.

Some insurance companies work with an affiliate program, which guarantees a fixed compensation for herefore uses the affiliatenetwork of Zanox. In order to ensure objectivity, does not directly collaborate with insurance companies. Insurance companies that do not offer compensation are also taken in account and included in the comparator. Logically, we do not receive any form of compensation from these companies.